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Braves Fan Stands With With Marine Entire Game In Rain After Seeing What Was At His Knees – You’re the Best



What happened yesterday at a rainy Atlanta Braves game is the kind of thing that makes America the greatest nation in the world.
The Atlanta Braves organization holds one special chair that is never sat in at Sun Trust Park. Last year the Braves dedicated one seat to honor POWs. They wanted to bring light to the 92,000 missing men and women who have bravely fought in wars around the world.

To honor that memorial seat, a US Marine JROTC member stood at attention in full uniform guarding the memorial.

Unfortunately, it was raining throughout the game, but the young man never moved he stood his post. In a very touching moment, a fan in a red raincoat walked up to the Marine and shielded him from the rain with his umbrella.

The picture went viral.

Fox News writes:

A simple gesture by a fan to a JROTC member at the Atlanta Braves game on Memorial Day was captured in a powerful image.

The fan, dressed in a red raincoat, held his umbrella over a U.S. Marine Corps JROTC member as he stood at attention next to the Braves’ POW-MIA Chair of Honor in the rain, according to FOX5 Atlanta.

The Braves tweeted the image and described the gesture with one word: “Respect.”

Another fan took a snap of the act from a different angle.

“They sacrifice so much for us, we can sacrifice for them too!!! #RespectOurMilitary,” the fan tweeted.

The Braves tweeted the image and described the gesture with one word: “Respect.”

“Since World War I more than 92,000 American soldiers are unaccounted for,” a plaque next to the chair reads. “This unoccupied seat is dedicated to the memory of these brave men and women and to the sacrifice they made in serving this country.”

While this amazing moment happened yesterday, in a stark difference, almost 5 years ago to the day former president Obama had an umbrella moment of his own.

During a rainy afternoon, Obama was giving a speech in the rose garden at the White House. Instead of standing under a pop-up cover he had a Marine in full uniform stand next to him and hold an umbrella.

Daily Mail reported:

President Obama humiliated the marine who he asked to hold his umbrella by making him ‘look like a butler’, a respected military general claimed today.

Thomas McInerney, a former United States Air Force Lieutenant General, said that the President showed a ‘lack of respect’ by making the soldier shelter him from a shower.

He also said that the President has plenty of aides so did not understand why one of them could not have held the umbrella.

The President caused a stir when he summoned over two marines to keep him dry at a press conference in the Rose Garden.

The marines held an umbrella over the President and the Turkish Prime Minister individually as Obama made jokes about the weather.

However, for some the move was not a laughing matter particularly as it is a breach of protocol for marines to hold umbrellas while in uniform.

Lt Gen McInerney told MailOnline that he found it particularly insulting how the President at one point his his hand under the marine’s arm ‘like he wasn’t doing a good job or something’.

He said: ‘The President has stood in the rain before without an umbrella and a marine would generally stand there without holding an umbrella.’
‘He isn’t some kind of butler or something.

‘It makes the other guy (the other marine) look like a butler too.’

‘I think it’s a lack of respect for the marine, that’s what I think.’

‘I don’t understand why one of his aides could not have held the umbrella. The marine is a warrior but the aides are not.’

Lt Gen McInerney, 76, served in Vietnam and fought with NATO and was commander of the 11th Air Force in Alaska before retiring.

He said: ‘If I was his (the marine’s) commander…I’d say good job, you did what he wanted you to do but you can’t, really he has to keep his comments to himself because if you say anything you’re going to get in trouble.’

‘Any time a marine has said something…one general who spoke out, he got fired, he got canned from his job.’

The new America under President Trump thrives on patriotism. He has brought back pride to be an American, and that’s what we saw yesterday at the Braves game. Respect for our soldiers, on a day where we remember soldiers who gave their lives for our freedom.


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