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Big Democrats Just Made Insane Wall Threat – Border Patrol Should Be On High Alert



Democrats have now resorted to the most insane threat yet as desperation sets in their extreme fight to prevent the wall from becoming a reality. President Trump is about to make his largest and most controversial campaign promise come to fruition leftists leaders have gone to a dangerous new low that should put our brave border patrol agents on high alert.

Safety and what’s best for the country is nothing to Democrat leaders who are hell-bent on defeating the president’s big plan.

Should their threat become a promise and actually happen,  it would assuredly be a brutal end to this debate and our nation.

“It’s clear now that most Democrats don’t care about strengthening our southern border,” the Patriot Journal reported. “They believe the immigrant crisis is entirely manufactured (by the President, no less) and there’s no need for a wall.”

But as the Washington Examiner has just revealed, a few of these leaders are actually taking the misguided claim that the clear and present crisis at the border is an “illusion” of Trump’s a step further than just spewing that rhetoric.

The Washington Examiner:

On Thursday, former Rep. Beto O’Rourke, D-Texas, said he would ‘absolutely’ support destroying already existing barriers along the U.S. southern border.

Later that day, MSNBC’s Chris Hayes … asked O’Rourke on-air: ‘Would you, if you could, would you take the wall down here — knock it down?’

‘Yes, absolutely,’ said the former congressman and potential 2020 presidential candidate.  ‘I’d take the wall down.’

But the conversation was just heating up.  The following day, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) was asked about her take on Beto’s insistence that he would physically demolish the border wall.

She was a little more clever in her approach in answering this pointed question,  saying “she’d have to ask people if the fencing in that party of the country was ‘helpful or unhelpful,.'” according to the Patriot Journal report. But then she lost all control of herself and came to Beto’s defense in her final remarks on the matter.

I could look at it and see which part he means and why and if it makes sense. I could support it,” she said in the end. Gillibrand attempted to save herself claiming (yet again) that “Democrats aren’t against border security, but they’re definitely against Trump’s wall,” calling the protective barrier “medieval.”

Democrats’ belief in this repetitive claim they continually make is that a border wall would allegedly destroy the communities and environment around the wall. They can’t ever seem to site specifics to how that would happen, which would be interesting to know considering that this poor explanation defies all sense.

However, what’s very concerning in her apparent support of Beto’s bold threat that he’d “take the wall down” is that it proves top Democrats actually condone and even promote the idea of demolishing our existing barriers. These structures are put in place for our protection, but liberals are more concerned about protecting abandoned, remote terrain, cartels who cross it, and illegals who trample through it to illegally make their way into America.

If Democrats are truly “not against border security” and very much support immigration, then the conversation wouldn’t be about how the wall is funded or if we even should have that structure in place. We have an immigration program which allows foreigners to become citizens and protecting our borders keeps the “bad” actors out and forces “good” people looking for a better life to follow our rules.

The extreme ideas Democrats are conjuring up in total demonstration, talking out of both side of their mouth in a failed attempt to make sense of it, only seems to prove that the left is hiding their true desire for open borders and not protecting Americans.


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