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Berkeley PD Seeks Felony Warrant After Concluding Investigation Into Assault On Conservative



Hayden Williams, a field representative for the conservative Leadership Institute and an activist helping Turning Point USA recruit on the campus of the University of California-Berkeley was viciously assaulted on February 19th by a man who called him “racist” and threatened to “shoot” him. It was all caught on video and Campus Reform is making it go viral.

According to the university, the police have now identified the man who attacked Hayden and they are seeking a “felony warrant” for his arrest. Hayden is not a student on campus there and according to reports, neither is the attacker.

“‘One week after the incident that received national backlash, the campus has concluded its investigation of the incident,’ said campus spokesperson Dan Mogulof in a statement released Tuesday afternoon,” student-led newspaper The Daily Californian reports.

“Based on the results of that investigation, the department is seeking a felony warrant from the Alameda County District Attorney for the identified suspect,” said Mogulof. If the warrant is approved, said Mogulof, the UCPD will “immediately” take action to arrest the suspect.

The assault has gained national attention and has been reported on many outlets. However, liberal media outlets such as the Washington Post took more than a week to report the incident and then spun it as some kind of outrage by the right rather than a brutal physical assault on someone simply because of their political stance.

From The Daily Wire:

“While Williams (who is not a student at the school) was helping recruit for Turning Point USA at the Upper Sproul Plaza last Tuesday, two men approached the table. Apparently triggered by signs stating “Hate crime hoaxes hurt real victims” and “This is MAGA Country” — both references to the Jussie Smollett case — one of the men, wearing a black shirt, began to argue with Williams.

“When the suspect’s rhetoric escalated, Williams, who is smaller in stature, began to film the conversation on his cell phone. That’s when things turned violent. The suspect began to repeatedly shove Williams, at one point threatening to “shoot” him, and then, as caught on video by a witness, sucker-punched Williams in the face before walking away.”

Daily Wire contributor and former Berkeley College Republicans president Bradley Devlin tweeted out a photo of Williams with a badly swollen eye after the attack. I think that pic pretty much is evidence in itself of the attack.

University officials have waffled back and forth but are now allegedly vowing to take appropriate action against the suspect. Charlie Kirk, the founder of Turning Point USA, tweeted out the initial footage of the attack. He issued a statement last week pointing out the double standard in the media and that conservative activists frequently “face threats of violence and discrimination” on college campuses. Which they do and it’s getting worse.

“This assault reveals the hate and anger so many on the left harbor and that our student activists encounter on a daily basis,” said Kirk. “Our amazing grassroots organizers courageously face threats of violence and discrimination as they fight for the right for conservative voices to be heard on college campuses. I am proud of how our student activists at UC Berkeley comported themselves in what was a very scary and difficult situation. Sadly, if the roles were reversed and a conservative student wearing a MAGA hat had attacked a member of a leftist organization, the story would be a leading headline on the nightly news across all major networks. This is a hate crime pure and simple and the suspect should be held accountable.”

Before everyone applauds the impending arrest of this attacker, not so fast. From Fox News:

“University of California-Berkeley officials say that campus police have reopened an investigation into the assault on a conservative activist who was manning a recruitment table on campus.

“Earlier this week, officials said the investigation had ended, and police were seeking a felony arrest warrant from the Alameda County District Attorney Office.

“The new announcement, which offered no details, was the latest in a series of delays and cryptic messages from authorities relating to the Feb. 19 attack, which was captured on video and clearly shows the face of the apparent attacker.

“The new delay in the case drew the ire of the organization for which the activist, Hayden Williams, was manning the recruitment table.

“This is astonishing – what extra work needs to be done?” said Charlie Kirk, the founder and executive director of Turning Point USA, which plans to establish a chapter at Berkeley. “The assault was clearly captured on video. If the attacker was wearing a MAGA (Make America Great Again) hat this case would be wrapped up by now, daily press conferences would be occurring, and arrests would have already happened.”

“University officials, who have come under attack on social media and mostly conservative-leaning media outlets for the largely muted and delayed responses to the alleged assault, have denied they are handling the incident with less urgency because the apparent victim is conservative.”

Kirk has a great point but this is so typical of leftist campuses these days. And I don’t think anyone believes these university officials in the least here.

On Friday, Campus Reform reported that Williams has hired a lawyer named Harmeet Dhillon to pursue legal action against his attacker. It quoted a Leadership Institute vice president, Bryan Bernys, as saying: “Holding this attacker accountable by pursuing legal action is a step toward protecting free speech for conservatives on college campuses across the country. Conservatives have a right to free speech and shouldn’t be attacked for it – on or off college campuses.”

The UC-Berkeley media relations department stated: “We have been in touch with the DA, and our police force is now doing some additional investigative work necessary for a determination of charges and/or the issuance of a warrant for the suspect’s arrest.” Neither the police or university officials will speak to Fox News. Figures.

The police and the university are giving conservatives and the victim the runaround here. It’s disgraceful and utterly predictable.



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