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Bush Funeral Reporters Think It’s Funny To Talk About Trump Dying – Find Out How Wrong They Are



Funerals are typically not a place for fun and games or spreading words of hate. But a few disgraceful reporters lacking complete professionalism and respect thought it was a great time to publicly ponder on the idea of President Trump passing while covering the services for former President George HW Bush.

This was a really bad idea, as they should have realized before spewing the sickening sentiments on air.

The Daily Caller reports:

ABC News hosts Terry Moran and Devin Dwyer became somewhat distracted while covering the state funeral of the late President George H.W. Bush Wednesday as they began to discuss what it would be like when President Donald Trump is laid to rest. …

“Probably a different tone in that funeral… first, he’s going to choreograph it, so there might be more trumpets and fanfare,” chief foreign correspondent Terry Moran quipped during on ABC’s coverage of the event.

ABC correspondent Devin Dwyer quite agreed, “Yes, he would do it bigger, one would imagine.”

Moran even guessed what Trump might say at the event — if he were able to speak — suggesting the president might assess his funeral as “the best presidential funeral ever.”

“No one will ever have seen anything like that funeral,” Moran predicted.

TheWrap was perhaps the first media outlet other than ABC to notice the analysis, suggesting things became “uncomfortable” when the two newsmen focused their attention away from Bush and on to Trump. …

Fox News has more:

Media Research Center vice president Dan Gainor told Fox News that Bush’s death “has to be seen through the eyes of journalists who use every single event to attack Trump,” but found the ABC News segment particularly appalling.

“To mock him during the coverage of the president’s funeral is just despicable garbage. I would say ABC News should apologize, but it wouldn’t be sincere if it did. This is about the billionth example of unprofessional journalism in their attacks on Trump. It’s only more outrageous because of the solemn occasion,” Gainor said.

Political comedian Tim Young told Fox News that the comments are the latest example of a liberal bias in the media.

“It’s in bad taste to joke about any of our current leader’s future passing,” Young said. “But what this highlights again is the media outrage double standard where you can say basically anything you want about a Republican and get away with it.”

Young said that public reaction would be much different if the ABC News reporters joked about Obama’s potential future funeral.

“There would have been full blocks of TV dedicated to ‘how disgusting they were’ on CNN and forced apologies from their own network,” Young said. …

Other than strong conservative media outlets rightfully covering this deplorable commentary, there’s been no mention of this incident on mainstream news outlets, except Fox News. As long as people are pondering abuot past and current presidents’ deaths and services, you can’t help but wonder how immense the outrage would be if the same comments were made about Barack Obama at Bush Sr’s service.

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