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WATCH: Amputee Vet On Border With Wall Team, Hondurans Illegally Cross Right In Front Of Them



Triple-amputee veteran Airman Brian Kolfage has been in Texas with his wall team since Sunday. They have been meeting with landowners & government officials about where to start building the wall. On Tuesday, the team toured the southern border and got quite a surprise. Groups of Honduran migrants illegally crossed the border right in front of them.

Kolfage posted this video members of his team shot:

“While scouting the border for areas of where to begin the border wall, a horde of illegal immigrants from #Honduras came out of the trees. This was an eye-opener that everyone needs to see and proves WHY we need a wal [sic] NOW.”

In another Tweet, he stated: “They look like migrants right? Clean clothes, clean cut, nice shoes, we are being invaded and the Dems only see voters. We shot this video today at the border and saw over 40 illegals in 30 min.”

Today Kolfage posted this message & a picture of illegals around him:

“I went to see if there’s a crisis at the border… and there is! Not only are people flowing into the US uncontested. These people I spoke with are NOT refugees! They are clean, have new clothes and iPhones! They are abusing our asylum laws! STOP THIS NOW”

Sheriff David Clarke, who is a member of Kolfage’s “We Build the Wall, Inc’s” advisory board was with Brian and he posted this photo of those who illegally crossed & it went viral:

“On tour at Texas border, Rio Grande Valley Sector. Came upon illegal aliens from Honduras who illegally crossed into the US. Border Patrol scooped them up. Too easy to get in.”

The wall team’s official Twitter account had this:

“Our team toured the border yesterday, surveying issues and scouting a spot to start the wall. It was an eye-opening experience that the media often ignores. We were reassured in our resolve to secure the border.”

Members of We Build the Wall, Inc’s advisory board from left to right: Former Congressman Tom Tancredo, Airman Kolfage, former Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, Sheriff David A. Clarke, and Angel Mom Mary Ann Mendoza

Angel Mom Mary Ann Mendoza, who is on Kolfage’s advisory board, posted this video of the illegals passing by their vehicle:

“While at the border in Texas, this group of Illegal Aliens from Honduras emerged from the brush,had just crossed the Rio Grande, are on American soil and are now our responsibility. This is a fraction of those who crossed illegally today. Another group we saw had 25-30.”

Kolfage added:

“Full scale invasion going on in Texas right now. We went to see for ourselves what the community was complaining about! We are building the wall to help these communities!”

Definitely an invasion going on! Glad Kolfage & his team of patriots will be building the wall! Thanks to all who are contributing to the effort!

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Here’s how you can help Brian & his team get the wall built!

This is IMPORTANT. If you donated before January 11th and you want your contribution to go towards CONSTRUCTION of the WALL, you need to tell GoFundMe by clicking the link below:


If you donated after January 11th, your money is going towards the construction of the wall. All donations from here on forward go to build the wall on private land.

Anyone who donated before January 11th has 90 days to tell GoFundMe to use their contribution to build the wall.

Don’t miss out on being part of history! Airman Kolfage & his team are building the wall!

Here’s what you can do to help Airman Kolfage get the wall built!

To donate to Kolfage’s wall fund, go to the official GoFundMe account HERE

We Build the Wall, Inc.
PO Box 131567 Houston, Texas 77219-1567

The official wall fundraiser & construction site is at
Follow Airman Kolfage on Twitter HERE
Like his verified Facebook page HERE

Jennifer Lawrence
[email protected]
Cell: 845-800-1552

To help Kolfage personally:

Purchase coffee from his company by going to
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