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Alec Baldwin: Russia Killed Jeffrey Epstein: ‘They’re In Charge Of Everything’



Russia! Russia! Russia! Actor and Trump-hater Alec Baldwin went there. He’s now saying that the Russians control everything and that they killed financier and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein probably at the behest of President Trump. If he actually believes that tripe, Baldwin needs a mental evaluation.

Epstein was facing multiple charges of child sex trafficking and he was going away forever for being a pedophile. A lot of wealthy and powerful people across the planet wanted the guy to disappear but Trump wasn’t one of them. He knew Epstein but did not share his tastes in under-aged girls. Epstein was found dead in his cell at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York last Saturday hanging from the top bunk by his sheet. It is being called a suicide.

The timing of his death, as well as the fact that he had been taken off suicide watch, has fanned multiple conspiracies about whether he was murdered in order to prevent him from ever revealing damaging information on powerful people and politicians. There is no video of his cell, his cellmate was moved the day before and Epstein’s own lawyer requested that he be taken off suicide watch. Guards suspended 30-minute checks as well. The whole thing smells to high heaven.

From Breitbart:

“The Saturday Night Live star added fuel to fire over those conspiracies by arguing Epstein was murdered by the Kremlin.

“The Russians killed Epstein,” Alec Baldwin said on Sunday, “They’re in charge of everything now.”

“Baldwin has long been obsessed with the supposed relationship between President Donald Trump and Russia, despite the Mueller report finding no evidence of collusion and Washington imposing various sanctions against the Putin regime.

“In May, the 61-year-old comedian warned that the U.S. was “being played” by Russia over a “pee-pee tape” and Trump would soon start a war to divert people’s attention away from it. There remains no evidence of the existence of such a tape nor has Trump made any meaningful steps toward any kind of military intervention.

“Several Hollywood stars suggested that the Russian government played a role in Epstein’s death.”

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough also went there: “Authorities couldn’t keep Epstein alive by putting him under 24-hour surveillance?” the host tweeted. “How convenient for a lot of rich and powerful men. A guy who had information that would have destroyed rich and powerful men’s lives ends up dead in his jail cell. How predictably…Russian. He reportedly tried to kill himself two weeks ago. And is allowed to finish the job now? Bullsh**.”

Baldwin had earlier retweeted other conspiracy theories, including one that President Trump may have been involved.

Epstein had been denied bail and faced up to 45 years behind bars on federal sex trafficking and conspiracy charges unsealed last month. He had dirt on dozens of the wealthy and powerful on the world stage. They were probably lining up to off the guy.

Baldwin’s tweet sparked immediate mockery and ridicule. But a number of Hollywood leftists agree with him. Even Showtime’s Billions creator Brian Koppelman went there: “Epstein suicide. Sure. Seems likely. Probably what happened. Hey, folks, we’re Russia now. Enjoy it.” Several came right out and said Trump had Epstein killed.

Those on the right savaged Baldwin over this. I particularly like the one from RedCloudRanger1: “The Russians stole my homework, ran over my dog, impregnated my cat, drank all my beer and stole my pickup truck.” Indeed.

I hate to break it to ‘Fredo Baldwin’ but the Russians do not control things in this country and Trump was not involved with Epstein. However, Bill Clinton and other high-level Democrats were. Perhaps you should ask them what happened to Epstein.



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