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100 Very Alarming Arrests Made At Texas Border In 3 Weeks – Everyone Should Be Concerned



President Trump has made it one of his top priorities to protect Americans from criminals and terrorists, especially those who might cross our southern border.

This year Trump requested that Congress approve hundreds of millions of dollars in order to hire 750 more Border Patrol agents. He has repeatedly asked Congress to approve money for a wall, yet they have mostly balked at his request.

Democrats, along with some Republicans, are making it difficult for the president to fulfill his promises to keep Americans safe from criminal border crossers, and now comes another example of why we need additional security & a wall on the border.

The Border Patrol has arrested hundreds of Bangladeshi nationals who have crossed the southern border illegally this year. In the last 3 weeks alone, over 100 were arrested according to Breitbart News.

Breitbart reports:

“Laredo Sector Border Patrol agents continue to lead the nation in the apprehension of Bangladeshi nationals who illegally cross the border from Mexico into Texas. More than 100 were arrested in the past three weeks — totaling 622 this fiscal year.
On September 7, Laredo Sector agents apprehended a group of five illegal immigrants who crossed the Rio Grande River border with Mexico into the Santa Rita subdivision. The agents interviewed the group and learned that they came to the U.S. from Bangladesh, according to Laredo Sector Border Patrol officials.

The Bangladeshis consisted of two juveniles and three adults, officials stated.

The latest arrests bring the total for Fiscal Year 2018 to 622. A few weeks ago, Breitbart Texas reported on the number of arrests at 520 after agents arrested more than 20 Bangladeshi nationals over a short period of days. Since that time, more than 100 Bangladeshis were arrested in the Laredo Sector alone.

The rate of apprehensions in the Laredo Sector has accelerated over the past few months, officials reported. If the trend continues, there could be more than 700 arrested before the fiscal year ends in September.

The 622 Bangladeshis arrested in the Laredo Sector this fiscal year compares to the previous annual total of 181 (an increase of nearly 244 percent).

Laredo Sector acting Chief Patrol Agent Jason D. Owens previously told Breitbart Texas that the Laredo Sector is targeted because of the lack of a physical border barrier. He said his sector has more than 170 miles of unprotected river border without fencing or walls. He said that the Mexican cartel known as Los Zetas chooses when and where migrants will cross the border and that the Bangladeshis, mostly young men between the ages of 18 and 35, pay up to $27,000 each to be smuggled into the U.S.

“When we talk about the different groups that are crossing into an area, what we’re trying to draw attention to is a more comprehensive look at our threat picture,” Owens explained in a previous Breitbart Texas interview. “We need to stay away from just focusing on the family units and Unaccompanied Alien Children that are coming from Central America and Mexico. What the men and women of the U.S. Border Patrol are dealing with on a daily basis is so much more complex than that.”

“They are not trying to hide or escape,” the chief said about the Bangladeshis. “They walk right up to an agent and claim ‘credible fear.’””

Breitbart Texas also reported:

“You have to look not only at the numbers of folks coming across in our Area of Responsibility (AOR),” Acting Chief Patrol Agent Jason D. Owens told Breitbart Texas during a phone interview earlier this year, “but also, who they are and where they’re from because that very much affects how we meet the threat.”

“When you have countries like Bangladesh that have had potential ties to terrorism in the past — well, these folks that are coming from that country, what is their intent when they are crossing into the United States illegally?” the sector chief asked. “What is their ultimate destination? What is their goal?”

Indeed we should be worried about who is crossing our border. Islam is the official state religion of Bangladesh.

According to UK government officials, ISIS and groups affiliated with Al Qaeda have been active in the country & surrounding areas. A number of terror attacks in 2015 were claimed by ISIS as well.

In December of 2017, a Bangladeshi immigrant attempted to set off a bomb in a New York City subway station. Fortunately, the bomb only partially detonated and the bomber was the only one injured. The immigrant, Akayed Ullah, mentioned President Trump and ISIS in posts he made on social media.

USA Today reported:

“Bangladesh native Akayed Ullah taunted President Trump in a Facebook post minutes before igniting bedlam with a botched bombing in New York City’s crowded Times Square transit hub at rush hour, authorities said Tuesday.

“On the way to carrying out the December 11 attack, Ullah posted a statement on his Facebook account that stated, ‘Trump you failed to protect your nation,'” according to a federal court complaint filed by Special Agent Joseph Cerciello with Homeland Security Investigations and the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force.

The five-count complaint charges the Brooklyn resident with bombing a public place, use of a weapon of mass destruction, providing support for the Islamic State, destruction of property by fire or explosives and use of a destructive device in furtherance of a crime of violence.

Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions cited the attack Tuesday in calling on Congress to tighten immigration rules. Ullah came to the U.S. in 2011 on an F-4 visa that’s available for immigrants with relatives who are U.S. citizens — the “chain migration” program Trump has vowed to end.”

It’s obvious that terrorists are trying to get into the country any way they can. And those who seek us harm aren’t just coming from the Middle East. They are coming from all parts of the world.

It’s time we demand Congress act on President Trump’s requests for more funding for Border Patrol agents and especially for full funding for the wall.

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